Internships in Taiwan

Internships in Taiwan
  • 台明將企業股份有限公司

    台明將企業股份有限公司Taiwan Mirror Glass Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    • Our missions are technology modernization (T), management art (M) and globalized marketing (G). Our internal management reflects the company spirit through our sense of art, style , and user-friendliness.
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  • 富邦綜合證券股份有限公司

    富邦綜合證券股份有限公司Fubon Financial Co., Ltd.

    • The company’s "Town Hall Meeting" approach helps colleagues meet face to face and accept one another’s advice so the group can to build a consensus on how to achieve company goals.
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  • 永豐金證券股份有限公司

    永豐金證券股份有限公司Sinopac Securities Co., Ltd.

    • Our goal is to establish a best comprehensive regional platform and develop a wealth-management business, in order to become one of the dominant Chinese securities firms in the Pacific Rim.
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  • 新光人壽保險股分有限公司

    新光人壽保險股分有限公司 Shin Kong Life Co., Ltd.

    • With its mission of contributing to people, Shin Kong Life emphasizes the value of human life, in keeping with the operational concepts of “innovation, service, sincerity, and giving back to society.”
    • Website:

  • 加興企業股份有限公司

    加興企業股份有限公司Jia Hsing Enterprose Co., Ltd.

    • Customer satisfaction oriented and actively pursue business performance are to making Jia Hsing Enterprise keep under the "attractive, potential and competitiveness" in same principles.
    • Website:

  • 錠嵂保險經紀人股份有限公司

    錠嵂保險經紀人股份有限公司LAW INSURANCE BROKER Co., Ltd.

    • The company’s "Town Hall Meeting" approach helps colleagues meet face to face and accept one another’s advice so the group can to build a consensus on how to achieve company goals.
    • Website:

  • 南山人壽保險股份有限公司

    南山人壽保險股份有限公司Nan Shan Life Insurance  Co., Ltd.

    • We provide caring service and innovative products that go beyond customers’ expectations. We aim to make Nan Shan the best insurer in Taiwan and one of the top in Asia.
    • Website:

  • 航翊科技股份有限公司

    航翊科技股份有限公司Gantex Co., Ltd.

  • 三商美邦人壽保險股份有限公司

    三商美邦人壽保險股份有限公司Mercury Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

  • 台灣專案管理

    台灣專案管理Taiwan Project Management Assoc. Co., Ltd.

    • TPMA's mission is to enhance the global competitiveness of mandarins and to become the best organization in talent training.
    • Website:

  • 偉廷精密工業股份有限公司

    偉廷精密工業股份有限公司WELAS Co., Ltd.

    • In order to fulfill market demand, WELAS has been being sophisticating production technology, improving product quality and diversifying products.
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  • 育誠管理顧問有限公司

    育誠管理顧問有限公司YOUTRUST, Ltd.

    • Giving customers optimal service, helping companies become outstanding leaders and providing knowledge and practice create customer core competencies and competitive advantages .
    • Website:

  • 台灣知識庫台中大碩研究所補習班

    台灣知識庫台中大碩研究所補習班Taso Knowledge Bank Co., Ltd.

    • Our competitive advantage comes from keeping ideals of service and curriculum in the ethnic Chinese world and becoming a leader in the field of education.
    • Website:

  • 帝寶工業股份有限公司

    帝寶工業股份有限公司Depo Auto Parts Industrial Co., Ltd.

    • Fitting the requirements and sharing the values of customers; Realizing ambitions and creating a better future with colleagues; Professional dedication and thanksgiving back in business.
    • Website:

  • 馥鴻科技股份有限公司

    馥鴻科技股份有限公司Vacron Advanced Recording Solutions, Ltd.

    • Innovative thinking is combined with the power of science and technology to devise a unique international perspective. Our company is a stable, reliable, friendly security service provider.
    • Website:

  • 億晟蘭園

    億晟蘭園Yih-Cheng Orchids, Ltd.

    • Orchids perfectly capture the feeling of falling deeply in love, bringing infinite joy and surprise to our lives.
    • Website:

  • 麗明營造有限公司

    麗明營造有限公司Best Giving, Ltd.

    • Home is the source of faith and the root of life. Our goal is to create stable homes for people, businesses, and industries, Our creed: “The company is a family; everything will be fine.”
    • Website:

  • 至興精密股份有限公司

    至興精密股份有限公司GSK, Ltd.

    • Provides the best design, quality, and manufacturing processes to win the recognition and appreciation of customers.
    • Website:

  • 記銘工業股份有限公司

    記銘工業股份有限公司Giving Industrial Co., Ltd.

    • Professionalism, dedication, compliance with standards,  advanced product development, rapid customer feedback, and on-time delivery are the cornerstones of our customer service.
    • Website:

  • 薩巴卡瑪國際有限公司

    薩巴卡瑪國際有限公司Subkarma Co., Ltd.

  • 敬樺企業有限公司

    敬樺企業有限公司King Birch Co., Ltd.

    • King Birch Company has been in the packaging profession for more than thirty years. It provides rapid, high-quality, and cost-effective packaging services with a friendly attitude.
    • Website:

  • 佳奇興業有限公司

    佳奇興業有限公司Focus Co., Ltd.

    • The development progress of the company is grounded on our core value, “People-oriented strategies, mutual benefit and trust, innovation and progress, and continuous improvement.” 
    • Website:

  • 台灣福興工業股份有限公司

    台灣福興工業股份有限公司Taiwan Fu Hsing Co., Ltd.

    • Our mission is to become the word’s largest and most reliable door products and metal processing manufacturer.
    • Website:

  • 財團法人維豐文化藝術基金會

    Weifeng Culture and Arts Foundation Co., Ltd.

  • 震天航空貨運承攬股份有限公司

    Speedy Express Forwarder  Co., Ltd.

    • To recognize our obligations to society , we at Speedy donate to various social welfare units on a monthly and yearly basis.
    • Website:

  • 勃揚股份有限公司

    勃揚股份有限公司Pepwing Co., Ltd.

    • Located in Taipei, Taiwan and Kunshan, China, the global centers of the chemical and textile industries., and within 300 kilometers of industry leaders.
    • Website:

  • 宇柏資訊有限公司

    宇柏資訊有限公司Uplas Information Co., Ltd.

    • Our goal: to create value by turning logistics into e-commerce platform solutions, leading customers toward international logistical information and enhancing their competitiveness .
    • Website:

  • 中華民國外銷企業協進會

    Chinese National Export Enterprises Association

  • 皇宣緣國際貿易股份有限公司

    皇宣緣國際貿易股份有限公司MIROR Co., Ltd.

  • 墾丁凱薩大飯店

    墾丁凱薩大飯店Caesar Park Hotel – Kenting

    • Training in marketing, planning, and implementation, possibly with Caesar Park Kenting loan customers. Interns will improve their cross-cultural knowledge and communication skills.
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  • 吉吉多媒體有限公司

    吉吉多媒體有限公司Jjnews Co., Ltd.

    • 1. Understand practices in e-commerce.
      2. Learn how to write a formal marketing plan.
    • Website:
    • Internship Content:附件doc檔

  • 泰陽橡膠廠股份有限公司

    泰陽橡膠廠股份有限公司Sun Rubber Works Co., Ltd.

    • 1. Understand the flow of international trade practices .
      2. Learn how to develop foreign markets.
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