International Internships

IBM Students Head for Singapore Summer 2014

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International Internships

The interns wait for customers at Takashimaya in Singapore during summer 2015 internships.
Taiwanese and international students worked side by side. From left to right, Cathy Chang (Malaysia) and Odilia Wahjudi (Indonesia).

Study Abroad

❝ Tina Sun ❞

Tina Sun: “I made many foreign friends in Singapore, of different ages and from different countries. It was the first time I realized what real cultural integration is. To sell products, I had to be sensitive to customers’ religion, cultural background, preferences and needs.”


❝ Lynn Chen ❞

Lynn Chen: “Sometimes after a long day at Takashimaya, I felt a little tired, but still I smiled and showed a friendly attitude towards customers! At the same time, I learned how to deal with customers‘ questions. This internship really boosted my marketing skills.”


❝ Anastasia Chiu ❞

Anastasia Chiu: “I improved my English and marketing skills during the internship. The Singapore internship expanded my world vision and opened new horizons. We had a wonderful time, and I really hope that I will get another chance to travel to Singapore.”


❝ Odilia Wahjudi ❞

Odilia Wahjudi: “Our neighbours helped us understand Singaporean society and we learned a lot about what we should and shouldn’t do. Good communication skills – also with body language and gestures – were essential to offer customers adequate service and build a relationship network.”