Industrial Partners

Industrial Partners
  • 勃揚股份有限公司

    勃揚股份有限公司Pepwing Co., Ltd.

    • Located in Taipei, Taiwan and Kunshan, China, the global centers of the chemical and textile industries., and within 300 kilometers of industry leaders. With our rapid response supply chain, we can keep costs down.
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  • 宇柏資訊有限公司

    宇柏資訊有限公司Uplas Information Co., Ltd.

    • Our goal: to create value by turning logistics into e-commerce platform solutions, leading customers toward international logistical information and enhancing their competitiveness.
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  • 皇宣緣國際貿易股份有限公司

    皇宣緣國際貿易股份有限公司Mirror Co., Ltd.

  • 台銀保險代理人股份有限公司

    台銀保險代理人股份有限公司Bank of Taiwan  Co., Ltd.